Our First Baby Clothes

Happy Guy!

Our first bit of baby stuff – aren’t they so cute! I have to say they are tiny, even thought they don’t look so little in this picture. Someone sure was happy to show them off. Can you tell there is already a “Team Dad” out there? 😉

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5 thoughts on “Our First Baby Clothes

  1. obie1129 says:

    you know the sex already? Gil looks so cute!

  2. albumsofus says:

    We don’t, yet. However, we do have an appointment in Mid-November. So we should know before the holiday!
    It was really exciting to get the first little gift, things are always so much cuter in pint-size. 😉

  3. Emily Guillory says:

    I absolutely love this picture! Gil looks very happy indeed.

  4. Rachel says:

    Cute!! Good thing I’m stocking up on things that say Mom on them (and aunt, of course)!

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