16 Weeks!

Yep, that's ME!

It’s hard to believe it, but we are at 16 weeks! That’s 4 months for everyone that dislikes the “week speak” for pregnancies and babies. As you can tell from the photo I am just beginning to show. Of course, I feel huge each day and think I look bigger than I do when I look down at my middle area. Then, I see these photos and I realize it’s more about me feeling huge than looking huge, at this point. Guess it’s all in the process of making a little one.

We are just learning how to take these weekly pictures, so if anyone has tips we would love to hear them. This is as good as it got last night and we hope to get better ones as time goes on.

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2 thoughts on “16 Weeks!

  1. obie1129 says:

    Know you guys are soooo excited!!!! And you look great!!!! Know Gil, too, has a permanent smile on his face! Enjoy the journey and take pics each month!! love you, ta

  2. albumsofus says:

    Thanks! I will keep posting ’em. ♥

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